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Get a Human!   
03:47pm 21/04/2009
  Very handy website I found through Maximum PC:


An impressively long list of customer service numbers, and instructions on how to reach a human being for each one.  No word yet on how to avoid the outsourced humans.  Sigh.

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Google Voice   
09:45am 07/04/2009
  About a year or two ago I handed out some Grand Central invites to few folks who read this blog.  I haven't really used it much, but I just found out that logging in to Grand Central now automatically signs you up for Google Voice.  There are some pretty awesome features there, so if you got one of my invites, I suggest you check it out.  

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CPA Pt 1   
10:48am 22/11/2008
  Apparently I passed the first section of the CPA exam I took, Regulation, back in October.  I got my score today.  This news is:

1) Thrilling, as I was certain I had failed, and am now certain I passed the first two sections; halfway to CPA.


2)  Alarming.  I left a question worth 15% of the exam score more or less completely blank.   I fail to see how I can pull that off and still pass.  Makes me wonder about the validity of this so-called "certification". 

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11:06am 07/11/2008
mood: Jovial
I'm no democrat, but I did support Obama.  i'm a happy man right now.  I got a little choked up when Obama was declared the winner.  A year ago I often said the Dems were screwed because America wasn't ready for a woman or a black president, thank god I was wrong.

The Dems have a good chance to set some stuff right now.  I can only hope they make the most of it.

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A link worthy of a blog post   
01:39pm 04/11/2008

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VP Debate   
11:17pm 02/10/2008
  Well, I have to say that I was hoping for more of a spectacle than what we got.  Oh well, probably for the better.

I think Biden did a very, very good job.  His body language at times seemed a little condescending toward Palin, but he showed more restraint overall than I thought he possessed.  Palin surpassed expectations (coherent grammar!), and should probably be commended for that, though that may be damning with faint praise. It sure seemed like she had a set list of talking points, and darnit all to heck, she was gonna stick to those;  moderator questions be damned!

Am I the only one who is REALLY annoyed by the way she speaks?  She sounds like a female Ned Flanders.  Darn this.  Heck that.  Yuck.

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Lou Reed is a Moron   
03:19pm 22/04/2008
  "The 66-year-old, who recently duetted with  Brandon Flowers on the Killers' B-sides album Sawdust, said he believes MP3s  have "very bad sound".

Generalize much?  Sigh.


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Disturbing, but cool   
09:36am 22/04/2008

There's also a Mario and Jessica Rabbit.  Spiffy stuff.

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09:53am 21/03/2008
  Well, I can't say I expected to win, but that was still one of the most painful games of College Basketball I've ever watched.  Will Thomas played a beast game, but the rest of the starters COMBINE for FOUR field goals?  I expected better, Folarin.  

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Go Go Gadget Gravity   
09:20am 21/02/2008
  This is frickin' cool.


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PETA and Spain   
04:00pm 14/02/2008
  Yoinked from Crash:

Yes my first journal post since the honeymoon is a link to a PETA ad campaign.  Sue me.

Spain was fantastic.  They eat at the most god-crazy hours, and they love them some dead pig.  Especially when it's slathered in grease.  I saw very old things.  Like a Roman Aqueduct and a couple 14-16th century castles and monasteries.  Lugo is a city in northwest Spain with a ring of ancient Roman walls surrounding the old central part of the city.  You can walk on 'em and all that jazz.  It's beautiful.  Wine is often cheaper than Coke and better than most anything you'll find for less than $10 a glass here.   Yuste, a spanish brew,  is the best beer known to man, or at least this man.  6.5% aclohol, full, rich taste, yet as smooth as a light beer.  Amazing.


I static shocked my PS2 to death.  Better that then the comp I suppose...

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The Wedding   
09:58am 28/01/2008
  ...went very well.

Even after I lit myself on fire.

Now I'm going to Spain, where there will be fewer candles.  I hope.

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I'm Famous!   
09:23am 11/01/2008
  FAMOUS I SAY.  Check out the next to last page of this pdf, at the bottom of the page.  Oh ya.  I'm moving on up.


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Close, but no cigar.   
11:25pm 29/12/2007
  Well crap .  Still, if the Giants can play the Patriots that close, there may be hope for more than a one and done postseason.

Kudos to Bellichick and the Patriots, whom I have actually warmed to over the course of the season.

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Grand Cayman   
09:13am 27/12/2007
  I went to Grand Cayman back in November.  It was the most enjoyable Thanksgiving ever.

Here be some pics:  http://picasaweb.google.com/carecalla/GrandCayman?authkey=uOtIoZtd2DA


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10:57am 18/12/2007
  I just got back from my Bachelor Cruise.  It was great.  I'll post more later.  

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11:16pm 07/12/2007

YES!  I have, single-handedly, triumphed over a nation-wide corporate entity!

treated me like shit a few years ago when I attempted to return a broken iPod shuffle they had sold me.

I have boycotted them ever since.

WHO's LAUGHING NOW BITCH?  I piss on the rubble of your stores.


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A Brief Rant   
11:47am 03/12/2007
mood: Infuriated
It took me a while to realize why I'm so pissed off about this Sean Taylor deal. 

Every day in this country, young black men die in the most amazingly tragic ways.  Many of them are fathers.  Many of them are trying to turn their lives around or attone for past mistakes.  You can read this every day, in any major newspaper in America.  No one cares, or even pretends to, when this happens.  Now, suddenly, one of our precious football players dies, in a truly unfortunate, tragic manner, and all of America is up in arms.  What a crock of fucking shit.  The vast majority of these people who claim to be so broken up about the tragic death of Sean Taylor won't bat an eyelash the next time they read about a shooting in SE, if they even read more then the headline.  They won't cry for justice, send flowers or even pray for the family.  Maybe they'll give a sympathetic sigh or a sad look, but anything more is out of the question.   It disgusts me.

The point is this:  Most people are not broken up over the tragic loss of a 24yr old man, they're broken up over the tragic loss of a 24 yr old football player.

Unless you're going to go out and make a conscious effort to make things better, get your fucking hypocrisy and your mock grief out of my face.

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09:43pm 28/11/2007
  The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright may well be the best book I have read.  I cannot endorse it enough.  Read it.

New York Times Book Review

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09:39pm 28/11/2007
  I spent the last 5 days in Grand Cayman. It was beautiful, gorgeous and other redundant adjectives. I will never be able to set foot on an east coast beach again. Maybe I will post pictures at some point.

My bachelor party will be in two weeks and features a 4 night Carribean cruise. Rawk.

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